Dihan Perera
May 14, 2021
Introducing dashboards in FORECAST²

Excel analysis making you bored? Come see our dashboard! 

Want to see what your month-on-month growth is? Or what your top 5 selling items were? 

But you can’t just stop there now can you? You need to get insight into your forecast as well

Will you outperform your competition in the next month, based on your forecast? How does your projected marketing spend and discounts compare with your previous months, and how are they affecting your forecast?  

With all these daily tasks on your plate, keeping up can be tedious and very time-consuming. That’s why we have introduced dashboards!  One of the highly requested and most awaited features- the customizable dashboard is now available with FORECAST² 3.3!  You can spend quality time analyzing both your historical performance AND your forecast to make insightful decisions using our dashboards! Arguably, the best way to track business performance in real-time.

  • A visual dashboard

Once you generate a forecast on FORECAST², you can straight away view it our dashboard and even compare it against a historical period of your choice. The FORECAST² dashboard is Powered by Microsoft Power BI is 100% customizable!

dashboard in forecast squared
  • Compare your forecast

You want to grow your business, and you want to know how your next month will do compared to the last month.  Our dashboard will update you on what to expect, based on the predictors you set on FORECAST²

You can also use this feature to see how your business is doing by comparing periods of historical data as well.

compare forecasts
degrowth alert
  • Get Alerts

Our dashboard is smart enough to give you a heads-up if you’re forecasting degrowth in sales (or whatever you are forecasting). So, you can take corrective measures or… brace for impact!

You can also customize these alerts based on your requirement so you don’t have to keep track of everything. Instead of getting overwhelmed by so many alerts you can focus on the ones which need your attention and have a significant business impact.

  • Track & compare predictor behaviour

Your marketing spends, discounts offered & quoted prices have a huge impact on your business performance, which is why we encourage you to include them when forecasting. Adding the relevant predictors gets you the most accurate result.

But, not everything goes to plan. This is the same with predictors you set for your forecasts.   While this may be unavoidable, it helps to see how much you deviated from your original plan. Our dashboards now give you the ability to see the difference between actuals Vs forecasted even for the predictors.

This helps you plan more diligently and be more aware of the changes you need to make in your predictors in the future.

track and compare predictors
forecast accuracy in dashboards

Our dashboards also allow you to see how accurate your forecasts are after you add new data as time goes by! This will give you a good indication of how well the forecast is performing against the real-world situation.

As a manager responsible for the overall performance of your business it is tough to keep track of every single forecast. Therefore FORECAST2 helps you set up customized accuracy alerts and create your very own ‘blind-spot warning’ system within FORECAST2. If the accuracy is below a certain point you set, it will notify you so you can pay more attention to those in order to take corrective action.

You can configure alerts, based on historical accuracies or back-testing accuracies. Or you could even set up a warning to indicate significant peaks or slumps in forecasts – whichever makes better business sense for you.

forecast accuracy
  • A dashboard tailor-made for you!

The best part is, all this is totally customizable!  For every FORECASTuna (get it? Forecast-tuna?  wink) that comes onboard, we provide the dashboard of their dreams, from color to layout to KPIs of choice to…literally anything.

And guess what! Using FORECAST2, you can generate a forecast and analyze it using the dashboard all within a few minutes, so you can spend less time worrying about your forecast and more time making the next best business decision for your company!

Like the sound of  that? Check out this quick video about the dashboards in  FORECAST². 

But that’s not all.  the FORECAST²  team has been working on a lot more features to improve the forecasting experience for our users. Here’s more about the recent upgrades, and features we have added to make forecasting even more fun and easy!

To know more about how your business can benefit from using FORECAST² please reach out to us

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