Build 1000s of highly accurate forecasting
models in a few simple clicks

Is your capital unnecessarily held-up in stocks?

Achieve a ‘just-in-time’ inventory management strategy by maintaining the right amount of stocks at any given time. Be proactive to changing industry dynamics such as uncertain consumer demand, exchange rate risks, competitor activities, minimum order quantities and regulations to maintain the right amount of stock that won’t eat into your capital.

Are you struggling to optimize your distribution resources?

Optimizing resources and reducing logistics cost is important in today’s fluctuating business climate and customer demand. Plan your resources intelligently, aligning demand forecast and inventory management strategy with your distribution resources to maintain a highly efficient distribution process.

Do you want to quantify the impact of pricing, advertising, or even rainfall?

Build a profitable business by knowing exactly what to sell, to whom, at what time by planning your resources, managing your promotional activities and keeping abreast of your competitors. Drill down to the most granular level across outlets, distributors and retailers to calculate the precise impact of internal and external factors that drive your sales.

Up to 20% 
Accuracy Improvement

Up to 25% Reduction in Inventory Costs

1000s of forecasts
or the entire product portfolio

Less than 0.01%
out of stock situation

Product Features

What-if Analysis

Compare forecasts under multiple
market scenarios

Auto Build & Calibrate

Fully automated forecast generation
with minimum manual intervention

Simplified Integration

Self configuration and integration
leading to faster setting up


Verify & evaluate your own forecasts
without the help of a Data Scientist

Multivariate Forecasts

Layered with external data such as
weather and factors inherent to each
industry for greater accuracy

Proprietary Algorithms

Highly customized algorithms allow personalized and company specific demand forecasting & Inventory planning

Multiple Frequency Forecasting

Forecast as needed without limitations. Generate results by month, week or
even day.

Minimal Data Points

Build forecasting models using available data points as few as it may be

Optimized Inventory Management

Consider fluctuating lead time based on historic variations and industry parameters for optimal inventory planning

is FORECAST2 right for you?

Purpose built to counter some of the most current and critical business challenges within multiple industries, FORECASTforecasts future market demand for each of your products based on historical trends, seasonality, and other internal and external variables.
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