Highly accurate, optimal plans in minutes

Do your planners take hours to complete one plan?

Drawing up a sewing plan takes as much as 5 hours and is highly dependent on the planner’s experience. Most methods incorporate manual planning tools which are static and does very little to assist the planner. Automate the planning process in your plant and reduce preparation time to just 5 minutes.

Are you limited to a single plan, unable to compare multiple situations?

One sewing plan for a set of orders may not always cut it. It’s best to consider multiple situations in various dynamic factory conditions to be proactive and manage cost. Generate and compare multiple plans for a multitude of situations and pick the best sewing plan without spending hours on just one.

Is your plant too slow to react to changes?

Shortage of raw material, production slips, machines breaking down are all common constraints in any apparel manufacturing plant. Adopt a real-time planning process that lets your planner generate a new sewing plan in minutes by incorporating the impact of these dynamic factory floor conditions. Consider Sewing In and Sewing Out operations, continuously monitor the progress and re-plan at a click of a button.

Up to 11% Enhancement
in Plant Capacity

5 Minute
Planning Time

Upto 5%
Efficiency Gains

Compare Upto 5 Plans
Based on Customized KPIs

Product Features

Combine Lines

Combine or split sewing lines to accommodate to a wider range of SMVs (standard minute value)

Product Set Planning

Ability to auto plan production of sets
of two or more garments that need
to be packed together

Simplified Integration

Remote configuration and seamless
integrations with existing ERP

Advanced Configurations

Configure working hours, plant and
line layouts to simulate any production

Multi Operations Support

Include Sewing In and Sewing Out
operations and monitor its progress

AI Derived Efficiency Estimates

Highly customized algorithms allow personalized and company specific demand forecasting & Inventory planning

Simplified Re-planning

Real-time planning considering multiple
situations in various dynamic factory

Diverse Scenario Planning

Generate, save and compare multiple
production plans with the flexibility
to evaluate multiple eventualities

does CAPACITY2 fit your manufactory?

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading planners and merchandising experts, CAPACITY2 is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence driven sewing planning assistant for the apparel industry. Customizable to any plant size, line capacity and manufacturing complexity.

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