CAPACITY SQUARED automates the planning function and thereby eliminates human error and biases inherent in the manual planning process, while ensuring accuracy and consistency, resulting in significant savings in resources committed on the planning function. As the world’s first intelligent capacity apparel planning tool, CAPACITY SQUARED is powered by algorithms built on AI which ensures resources in each SBU is optimized,

The Challenge

In this challenging global environment, amidst rising competition, apparel manufacturers globally face constant pressure to improve production capacity.

The Solution

CAPACITY SQUARED is a tool built in collaboration with planners of leading apparel manufactures in the world, to automate and optimize the process of capacity planning. 

Minute Planning Time

Significant reductions in planning from several hours to less than 5 mins enables planners to accommodate ad-hoc developments in the factory floor and supply chain more frequently and accurately, leading to less disruptions, timely delivery and lower variable costs per unit.


Plant Capacity Enhancement

Comparisons with non-automated production plans, under factory environments have confirmed capacity enhancements up to 20%, enabling factories to accept more orders leading to additional revenue opportunities.


Allocation Efficiency

Under strict industrial and controlled environments, the AI based planning engine has delivered production schedules with factory efficiencies that are unapparelled and unprecedented compared to the conventional non-automated approach.

Planning Engine Powered by AI

Leveraging cutting edge algorithms, data scientists at Linear Squared have developed the world’s first AI driven capacity planning optimizer for the Apparel industry, that has been tested and validated under factory conditions for guaranteed results.

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