ML and AI based Data driven Solutions

What We Offer

We deliver unique products and services by combining hand crafted ML and AI algorithms, to address complex business problems. Each of these building blocks integrates seamlessly with each other to provide complete and executable solutions with minimal human intervention.


FORECAST SQUARED ensures the highest levels of forecasting accuracy through proprietary methodologies which leverage on state-of-the-art quantitative algorithms. Our solution equip entities to incorporate dynamic macro-economic factors in addition to firm / industry specific variables to forecast factors such as sales demand, which allows evaluation of opportunities and threats in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Use Cases: Sales Forecasting, Demand Forecasting


CAPACITY SQUARED automates the planning function, thereby eleminate human error and biases inherent in the manual planning process, while ensuring accuracy and consistency, resulting in significant savings in resources committed on the planning function. As the world’s first intelligent capacity apparel planning tool, CAPACITY SQUARED is powered by algorithms built on AI which ensures resources in each SBU is optimized,

Use Cases: Apparel Capacity Planning, Production Scheduling


BEST-SELL SQUARED helps companies improve repeat sales and customer retention through product recommendations retrieved via sophisticated algorithms which run on historic customer purchase behaviours. Key advantages include higher marginal revenue and lower customer acquisition costs. Our proprietary recommendation algorithms adopt a model based approach which guarantees real time recommendations at the highest accuracy.

Use Cases: Next Best Offer, Market Basket Analysis


CROSS-SELL SQUARED is built on one of a kind ML driven, campaign manager that produces the entire activity plan for any campaign budget. We fully utilize the power of Segments of 1 where a unique marketing and sales strategy is developed for each potential customer.

Use Cases: Lead Scoring


RETENTION SQUARED identifies most likely churns using predictive algorithms and formulates an activity plan that minimizes the adverse revenue impact. The entire process is fully algorithmized which lends to end to end automation.

Use Cases: Churn Management

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